Our family!

Our family!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Meg's Mission Week 2

Thank you everyone for all of the love and support! I had another awesome week. We've been teaching a lot of lessons with a lot of new investigators. We've had a couple of substitutes since one of our teachers has been at FSY (English EFY) and we only get to teach them once for ten minutes and that is very difficult. But it's good to learn how to share a message quickly. We have one investigator, Manuel, who we've had some wonderful lessons with. He is working here in Chorley while his family is back in Spain. His mother-in-law is a member and started taking his kids to church with her. So he's meeting with us so that he can learn what his kids are learning. Over the course of our meetings, a change in him has been visible. Now he comes because he has a desire to follow Christ and to learn for himself, not just so he knows what his children are learning. In the middle of one of the more recent lessons we taught, I felt like I should talk about the word of wisdom. I didn't know why, it wasn't part of our lesson plan. But I did. We then found out that he has a smoking problem that his wife absolutely hates and she wants him to quit. It wasn't until after the lesson that I realized that the feeling I had to talk about the word of wisdom was the spirit guiding our lesson. 

On Thursday we got to go on a church history tour and it was INCREDIBLE. We went around the city of Preston and saw places where the first missionaries in England stayed and preached. We went to the place where the first baptisms in England were performed.
 There is also a tree in a park near that river that is dedicated to all of the missionaries who have served in England and it has a plaque next to it. And we got to go to the home President Hinckley stayed in as a missionary where he read the letter from his father that said "Forget yourself and go to work." The spirit in each of these places was so strong. I know that the things that happened here are sacred and I am so blessed to be able to serve here. I'll send some pictures as well. 

On Sunday we got to listen to the famous Character of Christ MTC devotional by Elder Bednar. It was insanely amazing. I've never heard a more humbling, powerful devotional in my life. You can't hear it anywhere but the MTC though. In it, he talks about the true character of Christ and how He turned outward rather than inward even in the most difficult times in His life. It was just incredible. 

Thanks again for all the love and support! It means the world to me! I love you all, have a wonderful week.

-Sister Garside
River where first baptisms in England were performed.
My cute comp and I :)
My comp and the other sisters in our district (Sis. Eschgfaller, Sis. Staple, and Sis. Silva)
Mom's addition:  Garside sign!  

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Meg's Mission Week 1

I've made it to the England MTC!! Okay, I will try as best I can to make this email make sense, but I have never typed so frantically in my life, so no promises. Also, my keyboard isnt working so excuse the poor grammar.  Wow. First of all, England is SO beautiful. Seriously, everything is gorgeous. Even the windows are pretty. The MTC and the Preston Temple are together on the same grounds. We get to walk up to the temple when we get free time. It's beautiful. And the distribution center is right next door as well. Sadly the temple is closed until next week for maintenance, so we haven't been able to go which I'm SUPER disappointed about. But we can go next week which is good.

 I made it safely to Manchester on Wednesday morning and have been so so busy ever since. The MTC president, President Preston, is so wonderful. Seriously the sweetest man alive. They feed us A LOT. And its so good. Were in class all day long and weve been teaching since the second day. I was so nervous to do the role plays with investigators, but they threw us right into it. And it's been so good. We taught a man named Santiago who is from Spain. He lived in Utah for a year with a Mormon family while he was on foreign exchange program, and he went to church with them every Sunday. (Sound familiar? :) He came back and moved to England with his mom. Since, he has been taking lessons with the missionaries. His father wasn't too happy about it though. But as we've taught him, he's opened up to us and his father, has been reading and praying, came to church with us, and he's even invited his father to pray with him. It's been such a wonderful experience being able to teach him. Role plays are such an amazing way to really learn how to effectively teach. I have learned more in this week than I even thought was possible. But I know that I wouldn't be learning half as fast without the Saviour. Being a missionary is so unique. I've been able to do things that I was never able to do before, and I'm comfortable being out of my comfort zone. Which is awesome because there is no growth in the comfort zone! That has seriously been my motto so far. And I understand scriptures in such a different way. Not a better way, just different. I love it. 

And can I just say THANK GOODNESS for speaking English. There are a couple German speaking missionaries here and I am so thankful I don't have to learn another language. To everyone who has done that, you are AMAZING. Seriously. 

My companions name is Sister Eschgfaller and she is from PARAGUAY. Her English is SO good. There have been a couple words I've had to help her with, and a few times while we're teaching that I've had to help her out with a sentence. But the gift of tongues is real people. Love it. Also, she know Astraya, Orion's fiance! She served in her ward. It's always cool to find connections with people here. My comp is the sweetest sister in the world and she has so much love for everyone. 

The biggest lesson I've learned this week is how essential the Spirit is in conversion and in fulfilling my purpose as a missionary.  SO SO essential. If the Spirit isn't there, your investigator will not gain a desire to follow Christ. They won't feel anything. WIthout it, we're just some random people telling them about our church. You need need NEED the Spirit at all times in order to help them FEEL the gospel and to be able to teach for them specifically. 

The church is true everyone. I am loving it here, and I love being able to come closer to Christ as I learn more about this gospel and how I can be an effective missionary in helping people come unto Him. I love you all!! I'll attach a couple pictures :)

-Sister Garside

Scripture of the Week: Alma 32:27 (or really that entire chapter :)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

A long time coming!

I cannot believe it has been since 2011 since I have updated the blog.  So much change has gone by. Our children have grown!  Zac is now 19 years old, Megan is 17 years old, Aubrey is 15 years old and Garrett will be 13 years old next month.

Zac is now Elder Zachary Garside serving in the Ghana, Accra Mission in Africa.  He flew out on July 25, 2013 arriving at the MTC in Ghana on the 26th.  Such change in lifestyle from what he has had in Utah.  He has been there a year and loves the people.  He has been in two areas, currently he has been in his area for 7 months with some amazing companions.  He is currently a trainer and district leader. His mission president (The Judd's) finished their mission and he now has President and Sister Heid as his mission president.

Megan is a senior at Herriman High School.  This is her third year on the Ballroom Team which she loves, she is the Advertising/Social officer.  MDT (Musical Dance Theater) comes next in her joys of which this will be year two and she will be female dance captain.  She is joining Acapella this year at the pushing of some friends, we are exited for her to share this talent.  Megan is currently working on college choice and major, it is currently looking like Utah State.

Aubrey is a sophomore at Herriman High this year.  She is joining Megan on the Ballroom Team with Megan, she is to shadow the female dance captain to learn.  Aubrey has spent the majority of her time learning gymnastics and cheerleading.  She has learned fast and is on the cheer team at Black Diamond. They have asked her to consider working or them as a coach when she is old enough for a job.

Garrett is going to be in his first year of middle school at Copper Mountain this year.  He has been playing soccer and continues to improve, he has played for many years.  He has spent his summer doing a film camp and band camp from his new school.  He will be in the beginning band this school year.

Zac with Elder Cichoski, Elder Aleman and Elder Caleb, all from his first area of West Adente.

Zac giving service.
Megan and Kaylie in Palmyra

Aubrey in Palmyra
Garrett with Mrs. Rettie, 6th grade teacher!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas 2011

We had a wonderful holiday this year!  Last year my sister had dinner at her house on Christmas Eve.  We liked it so much because it left Christmas day open that this year being our turn we decided to do the same.  We were able to cook all day and clean in time for everyone to come over.  It was a wonderful night.  Our family came over as well as our friends the Rudy's and the Turner's.  Dad dressed as Santa for the kids.  Christmas Day was spent as a family opening gifts and going to church.  This was a wonderful stress free year!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Zac's score on Highland

Zac's rugby team played on March 30th against the Highland reserve team. He scored a try which was so awesome! Congrats Zac! Please ignore my talking and direct all your attention to number 15! This is a phone video taping of our tv as we played the teams disk.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thankful for people in my life!

I forgot how much I loved to do this blog until recently. It is kind of therapeutic for me. Today I got overwhelmed when I got an email about my little boy. Garrett is such a sweet little boy who has so much energy in such a small body. Sometimes that gets him into trouble especially at school. He and his friend are like brothers to each other and sometimes act like it at school as well which is not good when they are in the same class. Garrett also has no filter sometimes on his mouth and tells his opinion sometimes a little too strongly. He has had such a hard time and wants people to like him so badly and cannot understand why sometimes they don't. I love this little guy and want to see him happy.

Anyway, it got me a little depressed so I started getting stressed and overwhelmed. I started to question everything I do and why I do it. So, I thought about those friends that I have that are so good to me:

Alan, my wonderful husband who loves me to no end. This man is the best thing that ever happened to me. He sent me a text today of one of his favorite pictures of Garrett and told me how much he loves him to help me out. This man works out of state for his family to put them in a better place, what an amazing person.

Janeil, my wonderful neighbor. She is like a second mom to Garrett and understands him. She is so patient and loving to him. We can talk through the problems with the boys and not be afraid to call one another if there is a concern. She is so willing to let me talk to just to get things out of my system. Janeil is also a weekly single mom whose husband is away during the week and home on the weekend. She is super mom. Having this in common we understand things about each other that maybe aren't apparent to someone else.

Michelle, my amazing other half as PTSA presidents for next year at the high school. She and I have been working together for the past 5 years at the middle school. She has become a close friend that I can depend on. Lately she and I are so sarcastic with each other, it is fun just to goof around and not have to worry that you will offend someone. Michelle is also one that I can tell anything that happens and there is no judgement on her part even if she does not agree with my opinion.

Lisa, my friend through my entire life. Lisa and I are so different but yet we have stayed close since we lived by each other back in elementary school. I moved away a week before I started high school and she still remains in my life. I remember the day I said goodbye to my mom when she died. I was in Utah by myself while my family was in California. My mom had complete brain damage except for her brain stem that kept her alive. Mother's Day was the last day I spoke to her and it was only a few seconds because she wasn't feeling well. She was suppose to call me later but never woke up again. (As you can imagine Mother's Day is a tough one for me). I had not had a chance to wish her a Happy Mothers Day or tell her I loved her that day. So, we knew what was coming but wanted a second opinion to make sure that we were doing the right thing with taking my mom off life support. I had to return home to take care of my kids. That day I had my kids call on the phone and we had them say goodbye to my mom since they were not with me, then I had to say goodbye knowing that the next time I saw her would be her funeral. I went out to the waiting room after and sat down and cried. I was having a hard time and knew that I could call Lisa. She listened to me for as long as I needed and was there for me. No matter what has gone on in our lives we have always been there for each other. My life is better having her in my life.

Then there is Joke (pronounced Yoka, she is from Holland). She is my amazing friend that is the mother of one of Megan's best friends Josh. Joke and I met when Josh and Megan were in 6th grade so about two and a half years ago. As teenage years have come upon the kids Megan has gone through some trying friendships. There have been a couple of times where the anger and heartbreak have been pretty tough. No matter what rumors have been spread Josh has been there for Megan and once said to me, "Megan is a great friend, I know her and would never believe something like that". Amazing young man! His mom is the same way she talks me through situations and is not judgemental. She is another amazing PTA friend as well. You can tell that I have met some great people through volunteering at the schools. Joke is a second mom to Megan as well and I adore her for the way she treats my daughter. She is so cute too, the other day she put her arm around Megan and said to someone "Have you met my future daughter-in-law?" Too cute!

The other Michelle is the mom of Zac's friend Orion. She is yet another mom whose husband is away 5 days of the week. Do you sense a theme with my friends here, the single mom types and those who are in my kids lives. She like Joke is a second mom to Zac. He spends a lot of time with her son. She and I get along well and I love going to lunch to chat with her. I appreciate that I can depend on her especially when it comes to the boys.

Last but not least is my newest friend Sue! Just because she sent me over flowers the other day. She is such a cute person and a wonderful activity leader to Aubrey. She has only lived by me for about 6 months but has become a fast friend.

I am grateful for the wonderful support I have, I know how high maintenance I am and love these people to no end.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

MormonAd #3

Do unto others. from Tyler Bastian on Vimeo.

MormonAd #2 Meg's video

Mormon Boys from Tyler Bastian on Vimeo.

Here is Meg's video. This was such a fun experience. I will post the others done as well!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

MormonAd #1

Our ward youth created their own MormonAds and we had a viewing night as a ward. It was so much fun. This is Zac's Ad, he is the mean boy who steals! Megan"s video will be posted as soon as we get it!

Change of Heart from Tyler Bastian on Vimeo.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Oquirrh Mountain Temple Celebration

McKell, Kip, Zac, Brooklyn and KC in this picture
Levi, Turner, Kailee, Nick, ?, McKell, Kip, Zac, his partner Brooklyn

The stakes, I believe 54 or so of them, that live in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple boundaries had a Celebration where the youth of each stake performed.  Our stake, Founders Park, teamed with the Daybreak stake which we had just split from to perform a 50's number.  Zac was able to perform, Megan missed it by 4 weeks.  We found out after that had we asked we probably could have gotten her in as well, but we wanted to follow rules.  The celebration was a huge success!  Our wonderful Young Woman leader Whitney Chilcote took these pics at the dress rehersal and let us have them.  The event took place on May 30, 2009 but I wanted to put these up today so that everyone would see them since I never put them up.  If you can imagine the prophet was sitting right in front of Zac as he sits on the stage.  They were having so much fun and looked at the prophet at one point to see him and Elder Eyring pointing at Zac and Kip because they were really getting into it as you can tell from these pictures.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Herriman High Football Meeting

Zac and I went to the first meeting with students wanting to play for the new school football team this coming school year.  There must have been three hundred people there.  It was very interesting and we found out that they starting on the 9th of February.  My Tuesdays and Thursdays are going to be crazy (weight class for football, cub scouts, gymnastics all in the same two hours, don't expect to find me at home!).  We have the luck of having one of the coaches on our street which helps for information, thank you to Coach Kalisi Uluave!  The only downside to the evening was when a man turned and told me that the area in front of me was very icy and despite the warning I still fell, how uncoordinated am I!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Talent Show Video

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Elk Ridge Talent Show

Zac and a bunch of his friends have been planning and practicing for months for the school talent show today.  The school has tryouts because they cannot fit all the kids that want to do it.  The kids group "Boys, Boys, Boys" made it in.  They did a great job!  Good job Zac, Angel Morrison, Kenzie Sargent, Wyatt Williams, Wyatt, Chase, Erinn and Kelsey.   The pictures came from the school web site so they  came out weird, two came out the right size and two were tiny.  I still wanted to put them on.  Zac in the group picture is the boy in front in the pink tie.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Years Mania

Zac and Michael before the stake dance.


Emily, Brennon and Garrett

Caitlyn and Megan

Chloe, Megan and Kindra

Caitlyn, Trevor and Cole

Michael, Zac and Adam after the stake dance.

New Years changed from day to day for us.  We wanted to have friends over but waited to long to try that one, one couple was going to come over but we changed that when I got sick.  I ended up being fine by the time the night came, our bishops family found out and invited us over.  It was very nice.  We owe Jenn and Chris a new night, thanks guys for being such good friends.